Born prematurely due to drugs and alcohol, to a mother he would never meet, Kionte Storey spent the first 10 years of his life raised by his second cousin. He would spend 8 more years in foster care, before he found the Marine Corps. Joining the Marines was a form of escape, but also a way to prove something to himself, and possibly a chance at a better life. Unfortunately, his time in the Marine Corps would be cut short by an IED in Afghanistan that took his right leg. Storey found new challenges in recovery, this time fighting thoughts of suicide and hopelessness with his newfound physical injuries. But through it all – an adverse childbirth and upbringing, and now life as an amputee – Kionte Storey has found the strength to persevere and push through the dark times. And now he hopes to be a beacon and inspiration for others who are struggling. Hear his powerful and inspirational story on our very last episode of 2019!

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