There isn’t much we can say about Kyle Carpenter to further accentuate just how special a human being he is. He served as a Marine in combat and received the military’s highest award for valor with humility, strength, and optimism – qualities that were certainly tested by the years of pain and frustration that followed his exit from combat. Kyle was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in Afghanistan on 21 November 2010. On that day, Carpenter threw himself on an enemy grenade in order to save the life of a fellow Marine. But to get the best sense of who Kyle Carpenter is deep down, and understand the steadfast character he exemplifies day in and day out – beyond what’s written in headlines and citations – you have to hear him tell it. His story is incredible, for not just what he did in combat, but also for what he’s done since. You can hear him share it on this latest edition of HAZARD GROUND! | “You Are Worth It: Building a Life Worth Fighting For”

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