Unless you served in Vietnam, you probably weren’t aware that U.S. forces fought alongside other allies, Australia being one of them, and an important one at that. Dave Sabben was one of those soldiers who bravely led Australian military forces not long after the U.S. war in Vietnam began. Sabben joined the army as part of Australia’s National Service program in 1965. By the end of ’65 he had completed officer training, graduating as a 2nd lieutenant. Shortly thereafter he deployed to Vietnam as platoon commander of 12 Platoon, D Company, 6 Royal Australian Regiment (RAR). After only a couple of months in-country, Sabben’s unit experienced their first battle, and what would come to be known as one of Australia’s fiercest and most intense engagements of the Vietnam War – the Battle of Long Tan. Hear how Sabben led his unit against overwhelming odds and survived a battle that in his words, “no amount of training could prepare you for,” in this special edition of HAZARD GROUND!

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