Geoff Dardia’s special operations career was pretty much over before it even began. Having rolled multiple phases of BUD/S due to injuries, at 21, Dardia had broken his body down to the point where the Navy was willing to compensate him for the rest of his life, if he chose. But having a goal to become a SOF operator, Dardia switched gears, enlisted in the Army, and relatively quickly worked his way to becoming a Green Beret. Perseverance would earn Dardia a successful career in Special Forces, but that also came with a heavy price. In this episode Dardia talks about how operating in combat was actually “safer” than the long-term hazards associated with preparing for combat. And how the Task Force Dagger Foundation Health Initiative Program gave him the unconventional and much-needed opportunity to mend those wounds outside the normal and restrictive military medical system. Hear his inspiring story in this latest edition of HAZARD GROUND!

Task Force Dagger Foundation Health Initiative Program

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