As a Marine, Jonathan Hancock experienced some of the worst fighting of the Iraq War in 2004 in Ar Ramadi. That year started off fairly peaceful, and it looked as if an extended American presence in Iraq would not be needed. Then, all hell broke loose, and Ramadi offered some of the fiercest fighting the Marines would see. Jon survived combat, but when he came home, like most of his fellow 2/4 Marines – nicknamed “The Magnificent Bastards” – he continued to fight a battle that raged within. Before it took him out for good, Jon decided to take a trip to try and heal. That trip was a walk across the United States, from coast to coast, in honor and remembrance of those Magnificent Bastards that never made it home. This is another great story you don’t want to miss! | @bastardsroad | @bastardsroadmovie

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