We’ve covered the Battle of Mogadishu – popularized by the movie and book, “Black Hawk Down” – multiple times on the podcast. But, we haven’t covered it from the perspective of the combat search and rescue (CSAR) team sent in to rescue the crews of the Black Hawks shot down on October 3, 1993 over the streets of Mogadishu, Somalia. John Belman was a Ranger on the CSAR team that was dropped in to the first crash site. On arrival at the site, Belman and his teammates were thrust into a chaotic scene of whirling dirt and debris and intense enemy gunfire. The situation on the ground was so dire that Belman just assumed he’d never make it out alive. Fortunately he did though, after an overnight battle between a relatively small U.S. force and literally an entire city. Hear yet another unique perspective on the battle that you just can’t get from book or film, straight from an Army Ranger who lived through it, on this latest edition of HAZARD GROUND!

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