John Stryker Meyer earned his Green Beret in December of 1967. About five months later, he was based in Vietnam, fighting a very deadly and secret war in Laos and Cambodia. For John and his fellow Green Berets, the war in Vietnam was fought in the shadows. And they arguably gained considerable ground in the fight, despite virtually zero public recognition for their contributions at the time. Their efforts were audacious and struck at the heart of an enemy fighting an unconventional war – tricky ground for the larger conventional U.S. force so often associated with the war. John takes us through the mindset of the Green Beret preparing for and facing off against such a largely unconventional enemy, sharing what it was like to operate so close to them, that at one point an enemy soldier unwittingly touched John’s boot in the pitch-black darkness as he crawled past him and his team. Hear this amazing story on this latest edition of HAZARD GROUND!

“Across the Fence” | “On The Ground: The Secret War in Vietnam” | “SOG Chronicles: Volume One”

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