Normally, this week’s guest would be billed as a “Special Guest” as Joe Galloway was never actually in the military. But if history has anything to say about it, there’s no doubt he’s earned his stripes, going all the way back to his first overseas assignments in Vietnam. Early on, Galloway was embedded with the 1st Cavalry Division during the Battle of Ia Drang, the first major battle of the Vietnam War. He not only covered the battle, but also fought to save the lives of other American soldiers during fierce ground fighting. He was eventually awarded the Bronze Star with “V” for Valor for rescuing wounded soldiers under fire at Ia Drang, becoming the only civilian to receive a combat medal from the Army during the Vietnam War. Galloway would serve a total of four tours in Vietnam, and then cover every major American conflict up to the Global War on Terror. He’s been described as “a soldier’s reporter and a soldier’s friend,” and there’s no doubt that sentiment shines through in this latest episode of HAZARD GROUND!

“We Were Soldiers Once…and Young” | “The Vietnam War”

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