While taking a semester off from college, Gene Murphy received what many young men his age feared at the time – a draft notice for Vietnam. Murphy considered it an honor to serve his country, so leaving his small, South Dakota farming community for the Army and Vietnam, was tough, but not a big deal. When he shipped off to Vietnam, he figured as a mortarman he’d probably be stationed at a basecamp somewhere and not spend much time in the jungle. But the situation changed rapidly when he hit the ground, and he quickly went from mortarman to infantryman living in the jungle. Just 30 days before the end of his 12-month tour, Murphy was shot twice during a firefight and left paralyzed below the waste. His attitude throughout it all and to this day has been nothing short of amazing. And he’s carried that positivity into leading and serving a key role in the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization in South Dakota for over 40 years. Hear Gene Murphy’s inspirational story of combat and survival on this latest episode of HAZARD GROUND!


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