Even though Chris Greca came from a military family, he never intended to join the Army. But, it was a spur of the moment decision at a red light one day that drove him to the recruiter’s office. And before he knew it, Chris Greca was on his way to a 31-year career in the Army. He would retire in 2017 as a Sergeant Major, fulfilling key posts all the way up to the 4-star command level. Serving much of his career with the storied 75th Ranger Regiment, he also racked up a large number of injuries along the way. So much so that he became one of the first senior enlisted infantry soldiers in a leadership position to publicly address the emotional numbness and his own mental health issues that had come with serving so much time in and around combat. Greca continues to help other servicemembers suffering from those same issues today through public speaking and direct outreach. Chris Greca is an inspiring leader and we are honored to have him share his story on this latest edition of HAZARD GROUND!


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