Remi Adeleke was destined to lead an unconventional life. He might say it was divine intervention. Whatever it was, it put him on a path most ordinary people never travel. Then again, Remi isn’t an ordinary human being. He was born into Nigerian royalty, the son of a Yoruba chief. His father was also an entrepreneur, architect, and engineer, who worked to bring prosperity to Nigeria through innovative development projects. But, his father’s untimely death would leave Remi’s family penniless, and resettled in the Bronx, NY. Remi would go from Prince to street hustler, until a twist of fate lead him to the Navy, where he put himself through hell to become a Navy SEAL. His story didn’t end there, but only got better. Hear his incredible story of transformation – how he defied the odds in the Bronx, the Navy, and in combat – on this very inspirational episode of HAZARD GROUND!


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