We bring a little bit of levity to the show this week with our guest, Matt Cothron. Matt, better known by his online moniker, Uncle Chaps, is a successful (and humorous) blogger and podcast host. But, before that, he was a Marine, serving in combat as a bomb dog handler. In 2007 he was shot through the arm – an injury that would eventually contribute to medical retirement. Leading up to that event, he had been in over 40 fire fights and conducted over 100 raids in Iraq. His experiences in combat would ultimately contribute to a diagnosis of PTSD toward the end of his military career. In turn, his struggle with PTSD would lead to a very personal and regretful event in his life that he still pays the price for to this day. Hear about Matt Cothron’s journey from Marine to successful career bringing humor and perspective to the masses, on this latest edition of HAZARD GROUND!


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  1. Hey Chaps,

    Just wanted to share a story today I had in Yuma Arizona. Background I’m in the Coast Guard and work in the Deployable Special Forces, yes us puddle pirates have special guys….. Well I’m on my way to training and of course I was given the opportunity of a lifetime, you know volunteer work to carry for a 7 hour car ride to training…. well here’s where it gets fun… we make our halfway pit stop for food in Yuma Arizona which is just cactus and rock in every direction… I get out of the truck full cammies plate carrier and a pistol on my leg and I hear “Daddy dad dad!!!! There’s an Army guy!!!!” (I am Coast Guard and don’t do normal Coast Guard things…) Soooo logically I say hi to the little guy (he’s 3) and say hey Dude I’m actually Coast Guard! We exchanged names and come to find out I was the first Active Duty he has ever met, so logically I ripped the American Flag patch off my right shoulder and gave it to him (name was Grayson) to which he burst into tears and gave me a hug!! I explained to him the stars are always up and are always forward in which he put on his chest. Just wanted to share this with you and to say I enjoy your Blogs, I just spent 2 months with 2 Devil Dawgs, the EOD type.

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