Nate Boyer has lived anything but an ordinary life. Primarily because he’s a man who knows how to set goals and achieve them. Not just any goals either; we’re talking big goals. In early 2005, after working as a volunteer at refugee camps in Africa, he came back to the US and joined the Army, becoming a Green Beret in 2006. After serving in combat as a Green Beret, he decided to work toward achieving another dream of his: playing professional football. An unlikely candidate, Nate made the University of Texas Longhorn football team as a walk-on safety. Following graduation, he then went on to join the Seattle Seahawks as a long snapper. Nate Boyer knows what it means to follow your dreams, even if that means swimming against the current. He knows what it means to rise up to a challenge and ultimately succeed. And now, he’s using his own experiences to help other dreamers do the same!

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