Mike Frazier has one of the most interesting military backgrounds of any of our guests. He served in Iraq in 2003 as part of a Coast Guard tactical law enforcement team, in support of combat operations during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Following a short stint in the Coast Guard, Frazier enlisted in the Army to become a crew chief. He would eventually earn a billet in the elite and highly specialized 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, more commonly known as the “Night Stalkers.” But, a back injury would bring his military career, and his time with the Night Stalkers, to a screeching halt. Mike loved serving in the 160th. The injury, compounded with the dark experiences of combat would lead Mike down a precarious path where suicide was the only form of relief. Fortunately, after hitting rock bottom, Mike found a reason to live, and just recently began opening up about his experiences. Hear about this moving journey on this week’s episode of HAZARD GROUND!


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