Imagine being shot through the chest by a sniper in Ramadi, Iraq in 2004, and surviving. Imagine completing a 4-year enlistment as an infantry Marine, surviving combat, and then going on to become one of the Army’s elite Green Berets. Now imagine finding out several years after surviving the sniper’s round, that you have terminal lung cancer that was misdiagnosed by the military, and there’s virtually nothing you can do about it. That’s the story of Rich Stayskal. Because the alleged misdiagnosis occurred while Stayskal was in the military, he cannot sue the federal government for malpractice, all due to an obscure 60-something-year-old law known as the Feres Doctrine. But, you can’t be a Marine and a Green Beret without being a fighter. And that’s exactly what Rich Stayskal is doing – fighting back, against cancer and the misdiagnosis. Hear how, on this latest episode of HAZARD GROUND!

We also want to thank Rich’s attorney, Natalie Khawam, for joining us on this episode to provide the background on Rich’s legal case and the Feres Doctrine.

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