Author, journalist, and Marine Officer Philip Caputo served 16 months in Vietnam, landing in 1965 with the first ground combat unit deployed there. Caputo spent much of his time in Vietnam commanding an infantry platoon in fierce combat operations synonymous with the war. A few years later he would leave the Marine Corps and begin writing about his experiences in Vietnam. His memoir on the subject, “A Rumor of War” is a classic, and it wholeheartedly describes the savagery that war can so easily expose in normal, everyday human beings. The similarities between Caputo’s own experiences in war and those of today’s servicemembers who have survived combat are so apparent, yet so often forgotten. Philip Caputo is one of those rare individuals who has bridged the gap from warrior to writer, and eloquently shares with us the excessively important lessons of a war so many people have wanted to forget. And he does it here again on this very special episode of HAZARD GROUND! | “A Rumor of War”

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