What lengths would you go to, to change the world…to inspire others to change the world? Alex Evans, along with three other military veterans, is rowing a boat across the Atlantic Ocean to do just that. He’s part of the 1st all-American Military veteran team – aptly titled “Fight Oar Die” – that will race across the Atlantic Ocean in December 2018, in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge – a race that has challenged individuals and teams from around the world for years. Their goal is to increase “awareness of and support for the cognitive, behavioral, and physical health of U.S. Military/Veteran personnel” and inspire them and others to live their best life. In this episode, we sit down with Team Skipper Alex Evans and team psychologist and Iraq veteran, Dr. Jacob Hyde, who will be monitoring the team throughout the race to better understand the effects of mental trauma and extreme duress on the human body. Hear firsthand how this seemingly crazy idea came to fruition, and where it will take the Fight Oar Die Team by year’s end…and beyond!


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