What an absolutely amazing story! Driven by a keen interest in medicine & a desire to give back to his country, Karl Holt joined the Army to become a Green Beret medic. After several years of assessment, selection, & special forces training, Holt found himself in the heat of combat, putting his SF medic training to use. On one particular mission though, while trying to escape an overwhelming counterattack, the helicopter Holt was riding in crashed & literally fell out of the sky into a 2-story building. There were few survivors. Badly injured, Holt managed to escape the wreckage with the help of his friend & fellow SF teammate. Following recovery & many, many surgeries, he decided to pursue his Medical Degree, so he could continue to serve & help others as a physician. With the help of the Pat Tillman Foundation, through which Holt is a Tillman Scholar, he is on his way to completing medical school at UNC-Chapel Hill. If you’re looking for motivation…inspiration, you’re certain to find it in this unbelievable story of the Green Beret-turned-White Coat, Karl Holt!


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