Despite their difference in military rank when they served in the Army’s elite 75th Ranger Regiment – one a seasoned enlisted man with a combat deployment already under his belt, and the other, a new lieutenant working to gain experience and the respect of other Rangers – Donald Lee and Matthew Griffin became fast friends.  They went to war together several times, all the while hatching a plan to become business partners when the bullets stopped whizzing overhead.  What they started, in spite of a few roadblocks along the way, was Combat Flip Flops – a successful flip flop company, that now produces other clothing and gear as well.  Combat Flip Flops employs a business model that helps create stability and security in war-torn countries by helping to educate children there, clear unexploded mines, and provide economic opportunities and a sense of purpose that otherwise wouldn’t exist.  And they do it with a sense of humor and community that only two individuals who have endured the “suck” of multiple combat deployments could.  This is another incredible, inspirational story you don’t want to miss!