Scot Spooner is a modern-day warrior. He joined the Army at a young age, earned his Green Beret, and eventually earned a spot in the Army's elite Delta Force. He's trained for war, instructed others in its finer and deadlier points; fought in combat and survived when others around him were less fortunate, and returned home, seemingly unscathed. But, ultimately, injuries deeper than skin surface came to light. So Scot, in the truest sense of the term "warrior," sought healing while discovering a way to not just help himself, but help others, as he and his brother and business partner call it, "become more powerful humans." This is a very inspirational story about a man who experienced combat not just in war, but in his personal life as well. Scot's literally been tested by fire, and has come out of it a truly more powerful human. Hear his incredible story on this latest edition of HAZARD GROUND!

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Scot Spooner (Scot Spooner)