As we mark our 2-year anniversary, it is an honor and treasure to have retired Sergeant First Class and Green Beret, Michael Rodriguez on the show for our 100th episode! Rodriguez, his wife, and son are all combat veterans. Between the three of them they have 16 deployments, with Michael serving 9 of those in combat. He was medically retired after 21 years of service, and continues to serve to this day as as a member for President George W. Bush’s Military Service Initiative Advisory Council; and most notably he is the president and CEO of the Global War on Terror Memorial Foundation. Rodriguez has also contributed significantly to research on Traumatic Brain Injuries and Post Traumatic Stress, so much so that he was inducted as a Fellow into the lauded “Explorers Club” based in Manhattan, NYC. Hear all about Michael's journey from his first combat deployment with the 10th Mountain in Somalia to what he's doing today to help veterans across the globe, on our 100th episode of HAZARD GROUND!

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Michael Rodriguez (Green Beret Foundation)